Student Interest Wraps Up Successful Love Week

USA’s Student Interest Committee hosts first-ever Love Week and shares a look at what the Committee has prepared for the rest of the semester!

Chair Victoria Fish displays the sticker that was given to students during the week.

Throughout this week, the Undergraduate Student Association’s (USA) Student Interest Committee hosted its first-ever Love Week.

Each day of the week featured a different love-related theme, and the Committee tabled at the library promoting that day’s theme.  On Monday, the Committee partnered with Canisius Unity to promote LGBTQ+ resources on and around campus. On Tuesday, they hosted an “I LOVE BUFFALO” table with information about attractions in and around Buffalo, including locations along the NFTA Metro route.  Wednesday, Student Interest partnered with Happiness in Progress to promote self-love with a photo campaign, featuring students and how they engage in self-love. On Thursday, the Committee celebrated all things Canisius with an “I LOVE CANISIUS” theme and handing out coupons to the bookstore.

All throughout the week, the Committee sold “Crush Cans” at their tables, where students could pay two dollars to send a can of CRUSH soda to someone special with a message attached to it. The Crush Cans will be distributed throughout the day on Friday, Valentine’s Day.  The proceeds from their sales will be donated to Petey’s Pantry and all those who purchase a “Crush Can” were entered into a date night raffle. The winner of the raffle will receive a dinner and a movie courtesy of USA’s Student Interest.

Student Interest Committee Chair, Victoria Fish, explained that Love Week was planned to “promote campus community and spread positivity.” The Committee as a whole desired to create an event that would promote all things Canisius and the greater Buffalo area while increasing student engagement which lead to the creation of the week-long event.  

Fish stated that she “would love to see Love Week continue,” because it allows clubs to collaborate and program engaging events for students. Collaboration was a main focus in the preparation for this event to “show our support for every area on campus.” Fish hopes to see the Love Week events grow year after year for “future Griffs” to enjoy.

Looking ahead, the Student Interest Committee is collaborating with the Public Safety Department to host a Meet and Greet event with food, segway courses and other fun activities.  There will also be a presentation by Chief Beaty, where she will discuss what individuals should do if they are stopped by a police officer. Fish stated that she and the Committee are very excited about this event and the opportunity to bridge the gap between students and the “wonderful people in the Public Safety Department.”  

Lastly, Fish said that the Student Interest Committee is working to finalize details on a “very large, campus-wide project,” that is planned to be announced in the coming weeks. 

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