Reward offered for information regarding Frisch Hall vandalism

A reward is being offered for those who come forward with information regarding vandalism on the third floor of Frisch Hall.


An individual smeared peanut butter on dorm doors and committed other acts of vandalism. Credit: Unsplash Images

There is now a $100 reward for anyone who has information regarding several instances of vandalism that have occured on the third floor of Frisch Hall this semester. 

These instances include the tearing down and mutilation of posters and bulletin boards, vandalism of personal whiteboards, and individuals tearing down and urinating on bathroom etiquette signs, as well as the poor cleaning habits of the residents regarding the bathrooms. 

“We’ve been back for four weeks and so far we’ve had at least four to five incidences every single week,” said Matt Forney, one of the Resident Assistants (RAs) on the floor.

Most of these acts of vandalism have carried over from the fall semester, Forney said. According to Forney there were other more serious incidents last semester; one involving peanut butter and one involving snow. 

The so called “peanut butter incident” was when an unknown resident smeared peanut butter on the outside of one of the girls’ doors. Forney said this incident was potentially harmful because some people go into anaphylactic shock after so much as smelling peanut butter, not to mention the fact that any food substance left out in the open is a safety hazard in its own right. 

Forney also said that the oil from the peanut butter could potentially peel the paint off of the door. It is also disrespectful to whomever has to clean up after the fact.

The other major incident in the fall semester was when two individuals packed a bin full of snow from outside and dumped it into the hallway on the boys’ side of the floor. Forney says that this was harmful to the community because the melted snow could have potentially ruined the carpet and/or leaked through into another resident’s room. 

A recurring form of vandalism has been the destruction of posters and boards on the floor. 

“These instances of vandalism seem to occur mostly on weekends at night,” Forney said. He said that it is sheer luck that these people haven’t been caught yet, either by other residents or by RAs making rounds.

These instances are especially frustrating for the RAs because making a bulletin board can take anywhere from 9 to 12 hours of their time. The posters that are on the floor are important for informing residents and messing with them is rude to your fellow floormates, said Forney.

The $100 reward was put into place to encourage residents to report in order for the perpetrators to be caught and punished appropriately. The idea that is being toted here is the “see something, say something” policy, which encourages people to be active bystanders. 

Forney said that this is especially important because the only cameras on the floor are in the elevator and at the exits and entrances in order to respect the residents’ privacy.

The consequences for these actions vary, Forney said, but if these cases go unsolved there will be a floor-wide fine, the price of which is determined by the severity of the incidents. 

Last semester, the third floor was threatened with a $200 per-resident fine. However, they got off with a warning. The administration might consider pursuing more severe punishments, such as housing probation, due to the frequency and pervasive nature of this issue.

Anyone with information should contact Cliff Simon Vital at extension 8300 or the damage hotline at 716-888-8312. Calls are completely confidential.

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