Humans of Canisius

Canisius students express their feelings towards Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Edition

Valentine’s Day has always been a holiday that Connelly looked forward to celebrating to show the people in her life how much they mean to her. “Valentine’s Day is one of the best holidays,” Connelly said. “Not even because of the whole couples thing, but to express love to everyone in your life- whether that’s your family, your friends, your siblings, not just a significant other. I just love how everyone shows a little extra love on V-Day, and it’s an excuse to eat all the candy you want.”

Riter has also always looked forward to Valentine’s Day. “I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day! It doesn’t have to be a big deal either,” Riter said. “Just let the people in your life know you love them and eat lots of chocolate. I’m a fan.”

Simone Riter is a junior majoring in communications and journalism with a creative writing minor.

She isn’t seeing anyone this Valentine’s Day, and prefers to spend time with her friends and show them how much they mean to her. “I’m definitely more of a ‘Galentine’s’ Day type of girl,” she said.

Husna Raheem is a sophomore majoring in psychology.

Gorski enjoys Valentine’s Day, or really the day after, for the same reason many individuals enjoy the day after Halloween. “Valentine’s Day has always been an enjoyable holiday for me, particularly because I have a sweet tooth,” he said. “You can’t beat the half-priced chocolate at stores in the days following it.”

Adam Gorski is a sophomore majoring in journalism.

Miller views Valentine’s Day as a holiday that brings many people a lot of mixed emotions. “Of course celebrating love is completely encouraged and who doesn’t love love? However, I feel that there is a lot of pressure surrounding this holiday,” she said. “If you have a partner, there are a lot of expectations about what you should do in celebration of love either from yourself, your partner or even third parties to align yourself with societal goals. On the flip side, though, if you aren’t in a relationship it is really difficult to navigate this time of year. Love is an amazing thing and I truly believe that without it, our world would be a much sadder place. I just think we have to reevaluate the way that we engage as a society with love.” 

Olivia Miller is a junior majoring in sociology and psychology and minoring in women and gender studies.

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