Griffashion: Professor Janet McNally

Griffashion this week features Janet McNally, an English and creative writing professor at Canisius College, who is the first of many more faculty and staff members to be featured.

McNally, an advocate for slow fashion, shows that shopping vintage can be both trendy and unique.

Some might know Janet McNally as an English and creative writing professor at Canisius College, or as an author of works such as “The Looking Glass,” but she also is an advocate for the industry of slow fashion.

Slow fashion is the opposite of the fast fashion industry and is an ethical way to shop to decrease the world’s carbon footprint. McNally said she dresses with a purpose by finding unique or vintage pieces at some of her favorite slow fashion stores like Elizabeth Suzann, Jamie + The Jones or Sugar Candy Mountain.

“What draws me most to Jesuit education is our interest in social justice, so I think that’s the intersection between being a professor at a Jesuit school and my slow fashion interests,” McNally said. 

She’s always thinking about where her clothes have come from and who makes them, which has caused her to incorporate ethical practices into the way she dresses every day.

McNally is inspired by fashion from the 1960s and her friends who are her style icons that she has connected with through her Instagram over their mutual interests of fashion.

“And that’s been really fun, to have fashion be a part of a community that treats clothes as like wearable art and a community of people who care about the same issues I care about,” McNally said.

This community of slow fashion friends and platform she uses has allowed her to showcase her sustainable pieces and some of her recent reads.

Mother of three identifies as an artist and creative person who uses her favorite pieces like her llama and wool hair coat from a thrift store in Toronto to use as “armor” to feel confident and get ready for the day ahead.

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