Griffashion, Fashonista of the week: Araceli Mendoza

Griffashion is back! Meet Araceli Mendoza in this week’s feature!

While walking through the historic hallways of Hotel Henry, Mendoza wore her red jacket from Lulus, a white crew neck, a pair of Levi’s jeans, shiny boots from DSW, and to top it all off a hat from ASOS.

Araceli Mendoza is a woman on a mission, and determined to make a difference in the world by bringing injustices to light, while she rocks outfits that make her feel powerful and confident.

Mendoza is a freshman at Canisius College majoring in international relations and Spanish. She said she’s passionate about criminal justice reform because there are so many alarming statistics and stories behind this movement that do not gain lots of media attention.

She’s compassionate and loves helping others and through her wardrobe, she can convey just that. Even the crew neck she wore for the Griffashion shoot, she mentioned, the faces represent her compassion for others.

“Dress well, you test well,” is a phrase she lives by, Mendoza said.

When she trusts her “fit” and feels confident in it, she feels like she can accomplish anything and it has become a big confidence boost for her.

Mendoza described her style as a mix of street and preppy. She gathers this inspiration from shows like Gossip Girl and one of her biggest style inspirations, Zendaya.

“I like to take risks. I generally tend to change up what I wear…on a day-to-day basis,” Mendoza said.

She shops for these looks and bold pieces at her favorite stores like ASOS, H&M or Express. One of her proudest purchases is a teal faux-fur coat from ASOS.

“She’s human because I feel… I can be very hard on myself, but the thing that I try to do most at the end of the day is just reflect on who I am as a person and my growth,” Mendoza said when sharing who she really is.

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