Senate makes another appointment and discusses objectives for the new semester

Appeals, vote on Reddy Bikes highlight this week’s Undergraduate Student Association Senate meeting:

Freshman senators prepare for the first meeting of the semester at the Undergraduate Student Association Senate meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 28, in the Student Center. (Lauren Schifley/The Griffin)

Assistant Vice President for Student Success and Director of Higher Education Student Administration (HESA) Program, Dr. Mark Harrington, talked to the Senate about changes in the Griff Center’s structure and function. 

This includes several new initiatives that will help first generation students, students that are at-risk and/or in distress, and incoming freshman. 

The biggest way that they plan to help these students is through an academic coaching program. This program, which will start in the fall of this year, will assign new students to an academic coach within the Griff Center for Student Success. 

These ‘coaches’ will meet with the students over the summer (in person or virtually through the program Zoom) to create their fall schedule. Students will also receive reminder emails throughout the semester to make sure that they are on the right track and know important upcoming dates such as when to register for classes. This program also aims to increase Canisius’s student retention rate by having students develop relationships with peers, faculty and staff.

Claire Rosenecker was appointed for the position of Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations (VPMPR). 

Three appeals were approved from the American Chemical Society (ACS), Mock Trial, and UNITY. ACS was approved for $1,627 for an end of the year banquet. Mock Trial was approved for $200 for an entry fee for a competition at Buffalo State. UNITY was approved for $3,951 in order to send four people to a conference at Regis University in Colorado.

After a lengthy debate process the Senate voted 12-6 not to renew the contract with Reddy Bikes for next year. Two senators abstained from voting. 

The Commuter Student Association (CSA) got a new fridge for commuters to store their lunches in if they so choose and will be posting their office hours. There are two international student representatives, Meriam Mravili and Alice Iradukunda. Senator Fish is drafting a resolution for hand soap dispensers in restrooms to be moved down a few inches as an accessibility measure.

There was a discussion on whether or not Public Safety should cover incidents that occur in off-campus housing as well as how much power they currently have in such a situation. The general consensus was that, at the present moment, Public Safety can only cover certain issues in regards to off-campus housing, but no one knows exactly what constitutes as ‘certain issues’. Further investigation into this issue will be done by Public Safety Liaison Michael Berg.

A structured discussion on goal setting for the spring semester was tabled until next week due to there being less time for it at this meeting than was originally allocated.

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