Quadrangle 68 is looking for talented contributors to submit by late February

The Quadrangle’s editors are taking submissions for the 68th edition, they are looking for poetry, prose, art and photography. Submit to them by Feb. 22.

Co-Editors in Chief Miles Keefe (left) and Ron Ward (right) combine their leadership skills to make Quadrangle 68 represent the artistic talent of Canisius.

The ability to capture various aspects of one’s surrounding world through the written word, an artistic medium or the lens of a camera is one of the most remarkable methods to convey a personal, yet universal truth. Contributing to the beauty of such a concept lies in the propensity to compile each piece into a collection of creativity that celebrates communal talent, all the while creating a timeless anthology of individuality for generations of readers to enjoy.

Canisius’ literary magazine, the Quadrangle, provides students, alumni and faculty members with the opportunity to share their creative talents with fellow artists and readers alike. Founded during the 1951-1952 academic year, the Quadrangle still stands as a wonderful outlet for members of the Canisius community to connect with themselves and each other through a united love of writing and visual art.

This semester, the Quadrangle’s 68th edition will be unveiled and make its mark on the realm of self-expression within the campus. In discussing his individual responsibilities as co-editor-in-chief, as well as the collaborative environment that formulates the magazine, senior Miles Keefe reflected on the qualities of the Quadrangle that truly encapsulate the fostering of creative liberty. “I think it’s really important to have something that you can work towards when it comes to creativity,” Keefe said. “I know it has definitely motivated me to finish things and have a place where I can submit them because it’s like the punctuation on a piece of art–– submitting it and having people see it. So I think it’s great that we have this outlet for people to share their work with others.”

Keefe’s role enables him to lead discussions regarding the submitted pieces, selecting members for the staff, coordinating fundraisers and budgeting and compiling the magazine’s components once the selected submissions have been chosen.

“My co-editor, Ron Ward, and I split our duties. Right now it’s about promotion and trying to make sure that people submit things so we can have a magazine made up of the wonderful things that people share with us,” Keefe explained.

The Quadrangle is eagerly anticipating each creative piece that comes their way, and will be accepting submissions until Feb. 22. If you’re interested in sharing any pieces with them, you can submit to quadrangle.submittable.com/submit.

“We accept anything you can put on paper. We usually get a lot of poetry, and short stories too–– whether they’re fiction or nonfiction. We’ve even published interviews before,” Keefe said. “I would love to see some nonfiction in it this year. I think that’d be really cool. And then when it comes to art, photography is typically the bulk of our submissions.”

There’s no denying the amount of hard work and diligence required of each person who contributes to the process, which sheds light on the significance of the synergistic aspects of the magazine.

“It’s very collaborative and I fell in love with it when I started doing it,” Keefe admitted, who joined the Quadrangle team last year. “It’s interesting because art is subjective, so people have very different opinions on each piece. To hear what other people have to say to defend a piece they’ve fallen in love with and then seeing it get into the magazine is awesome. Everyone has a voice in the process and you can do what you want with your voice, so the process depends a lot on the collaboration on submissions and discussions about art–– which is a good skill to learn.”

Of course, the Quadrangle would not be able to reach its full potential without the crucial guidance of the magazine’s faculty moderator, Dr. Mick Cochrane, head of Canisius’ English and Creative Writing Chairs. Having a multitude of remarkable credits in the realm of publishing and writing to his name, Dr. Cochrane certainly brings an amplified level of literary merit to the table, this being his eighteenth year of contributing his time and expertise to the magazine.

“He’s our treasure chest of information,” Keefe enthused. “He’s very supportive and an overall great person.”

Thus, with the combination of excellent leadership from Cochrane, Keefe and Ward, along with a motivated team of editors, the Quadrangle truly embodies the notion of creative expression that provides one with the opportunity to channel their innermost passions–– by means of the transcendence of art.

If you have any inquiries regarding this year’s publication, email Miles Keefe at keefe14@my.canisius.edu.

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