Fresh Catch Poke, a Hawaiian cuisine-style restaurant making its way into hearts of Buffalo residents

Buffalo is known for its unique food and different cuisines. Fresh Catch Poke, a restaurant with Hawaiian cuisine, has received positive feedback since its opening, leaving customers satisfied.

The new sensation of Poke bowls have made their way to Buffalo through vibrantly colored ingredients and restaurants.

During Buffalo’s brutal winters, locals typically seek out restaurants that serve comfort food. Whether it be greasy chicken wings, gooey mac ‘n’ cheese or brick-oven pizza, the city provides its residents with infinite options to choose from. In addition to all of the unhealthy, cheat-day options, there are healthier, everyday options such as Fresh Catch Poke. Fresh Catch Poke is located at 5933 Main St. in Williamsville, NY and their new location is at 500 Pearl St. in Buffalo, NY. 

One of the employees at the Williamsville location described poke as sushi that has been taken apart. Poke, pronounced “po-kay” and the Hawaiian term for “to slice,” is typically diced raw fish; however, Fresh Catch Poke gives customers the option to create their own bowl with their choice of a protein aside from raw fish, such as chicken, or can choose to create their own vegetarian-style bowl. 

Their signature and deluxe bowls come as a regular or a large ranging in prices from $11.25 to $15.95; prices increase for an additional scoop of a chosen protein. One of their popular signature bowls, the Aloha OG, comes with ahi tuna, bamboo rice, seaweed salad, green onion, carrots, watermelon radish, ginger, fried onions, sesame seeds and sesame shoyu. If a customer is ordering online, they provide a list of nutrition information for each signature and deluxe bowl including the number of carbs, amount of protein and number of carbs in each bowl. 

When creating your own bowl, in addition to choosing your base, protein and sides, one can also choose which sauce and toppings they would like. The employee at the Williamsville location explained that the hardest part of creating your own bowl is picking what sauce to go with it. He also explained that although most customers find it strange at first, Flaming Hot Cheetos make a good topping. Some of their sauces include sesame shoyu, spicy ginger citrus, lemon basil and spicy mayo. Some of their toppings include black sesame seeds, dried onions and Flaming Hot Cheetos. 

Their food can be ordered for there or to take home. They offer online ordering, catering and sell gift cards. In addition to poke bowls, they offer acai bowls, another healthy bowl typically made with mashed fruit and granola. They also offer $6 wine and happy hour specials. 

Fresh Catch Poke is an eco-friendly company that researches each partner they work with to ensure that they meet their standards before serving their fish. They do this to ensure that they are remaining eco-friendly and sustainable regardless of who they are partnering with. 

The Williamsville location has received positive feedback from local publications such as The Buffalo News and Buffalo Spree. Their employees are welcoming individuals who improve customers’ experiences with their positive attitudes and friendly personalities. They have no issue explaining the options customers have to choose from as well as explaining the process of creating their own bowl to new customers. They are open Monday-Saturday from 11 a.m.-9 p.m. and Sunday from 11 a.m.-6 p.m. 

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