Fitness center construction proceeding on schedule

Crews have been working hard on the construction of the new fitness center in Palisano Pavilion. The Griffin was given a behind-the-scenes tour of the construction:

Construction of the Palisano Pavilion fitness center has progressed smoothly over the past weeks. (Mike Pesarchick/The Griffin)

Construction on the fitness center in Palisano Pavilion is going smoothly and the center is on time for a spring debut, Canisius director of facilities Tom Ciminelli said Thursday. 

Asbestos abatement has been completed and lighting and flooring material is being prepared for shipping to Buffalo, he said. Exercise equipment has already been ordered and will arrive next week. 

Ciminelli was also pleased to say that the project is currently under its million-dollar budget. 

The ceiling tiles have been replaced and are awaiting new LED lights (Mike Pesarchick/The Griffin)

G&G Fitness, a Northeast-based gym supply company, is the vendor for the workout equipment. Ciminelli reiterated that no equipment was to be moved from the Koessler Athletic Center for the new fitness center. 

The new fitness center equipment was purchased with advice from Canisius’ kinesiology department. The center of the building will feature the cardio equipment, while small free weights and resistance machines will be placed on the sides of the center.

The next big step for the project is to install the center’s new LED lighting. A shipping date has not yet been determined but Ciminelli hoped that it would be early next week. 

Installing the lighting is the biggest remaining step. Because hydraulic lifts are required to install the lights, new floor material cannot be installed until the ceiling is finished as it would be damaged by construction equipment. 

Brand-new ceiling tiles have already been installed and a large metal truss, formerly used for lighting a dance floor, has been removed. The circa-1998 stairwell connecting the tunnels to the main floor of Palisano has been floored over and the stairwell removed. 

The stairway in this room that once was an internet cafe has been floored over (Mike Pesarchick/The Griffin)

Two unisex changing rooms have been built and will be lockable. Ciminelli also said a row of lockers will be installed. The bathrooms have also begun to be remodeled and will feature showers, separated by male and female facilities. 

These will be unisex changing rooms. To the right on the wall will be a row of lockers (Mike Pesarchick/The Griffin)

Also on the table are plans for graphics to cover the windows similar to what is on the Student Center. Ciminelli said those plans have been submitted for approval.

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