Fight injustice around the world with coffee & waffles at new Wonder Coffeehouse

Check out @wondercoffeehouse, 323 Ganson Street in Buffalo, with a delicious menu featuring coffee and waffles, in a comforting, industrial-style atmosphere!

This small brick building holds powerful coffee, wonderful food and a mission to promote customers to make a difference.

By Justin Brown

Nestled beside Buffalo RiverWorks at 323 Ganson St. is a small brick building home to Wonder Coffeehouse. This little building offers big potential for the run-down Ganson Street district. Dozens of people file in and out of Wonder Coffeehouse to dine on coffee and waffles in the company of friends and family.  

Wonder Coffeehouse has a wide array of coffee options from an Americano to a Caramel Macchiato. Their menu also features a variety of waffle-centered options, including a waffle topped with an egg, bacon and syrup, which they call a Captain Obvious. 

Speaking with customers it is easy to see that many people enjoy the food, coffee and atmosphere that Wonder Coffeehouse offers. Two other patrons agreed that the coffee and waffles were “very good.” Another customer stated they felt like they were “walking into history,” taking in the industrial and antique style of the shop.

When the owners remodeled the interior of the building to become Wonder Coffeehouse they kept the industrial feel of the building to match the environment that they are surrounded by. The shift manager explained that they chose this location out of their love of Buffalo and because they love to “see what’s happening out the window.”

 By having their shop on Ganson Street they are promoting the revitalization of the area and the manager hopes to see traffic on Ganson Street get busier, as a part of it.

The manager also explained the reason for the name: Wonder Coffeehouse. He stated they want to “make people wonder,” wonder what more they can do in the world. He tied in the “indirect relationship” that Wonder Coffeehouse has with the not-for-profit Let them LOL. 

Let them LOL has a “mission to bring clean water and empower communities in Sierra Leone experiencing unjust suffering,” according to their Instagram account description. This not-for-profit was founded in 2009 by Kate Vacanti. The owner of Wonder Coffeehouse is the charity director for the organization. The work at the coffeehouse helps to raise awareness for Let them LOL and other organizations fighting social injustices around the world.

Wonder Coffeehouse is a great place to grab a coffee and a bite to eat, to relax with friends or get some work done.  The manager stated that they are planning their grand opening event for the end of February, but they are open now, daily from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Follow them on Instagram: @wondercoffeehouse and visit their website:

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