Canisius announces new post-grad student housing

Changes are coming to Canisius student housing, including a new post-grad option:

The Village Townhouses, pictured above on Thursday, Jan. 30, have a mice problem. (Mike Pesarchick)

New multi-person and single-person apartments and rooms, as well as a brand-new housing plan for rising seniors, will be offered for the 2020-21 school year after changes driven by Student Life. 

Al Pilato, associate director of student life, discussed the changes and what resident students can expect with The Griffin on Wednesday.

Rising seniors should take note of Student Life’s new Alumniville model. It’s a three-year plan, Pilato said, offering current juniors the opportunity to commit to an apartment in the Village Townhouses on Main Street by Lyons Hall for their senior year and then again for up to one year after graduation. 

Rent after graduation would be reduced to a $600 per month for however many months the student chooses to stay. While Alumniville will only be open to rising seniors this semester, Pilato said it’s possible that could be open to seniors next year. 

The Village Townhouses themselves are undergoing layout changes. “We are going to be offering three and four-person apartments which really don’t exist today,” Pilato said. “We made that change based on demand.”

Currently, the Village Townhouses are set up with two and five-person apartments. The existing two-person apartments are simply four-person apartments divided in two, making the transition easy.

Pilato said that there is not as much demand as there has been in the past for five-person apartments, so those will be divided up. In contrast, demand for four-person apartments is up. Four-person apartments were available in the Delavan Townhouses but not in the Village. 

“We added that back in to give everyone a fair shot to be in Delavan or Village,” Pilato said. 

Another big change is the transfer of single-person apartments from Bosch and Frisch halls to Dugan Hall. Until now, upperclassmen had the option to live in a single room on the first floor of Frish and the first two floors of Bosch. 

“What we’re doing next year is going back to all freshmen in Bosch and Frisch and we are taking the singles that we offered there and we are moving them over to Dugan. So now, there will be a number of Dugan suites. Two people in a suite, one on each side.”

Housing rates shouldn’t increase beyond the normal amount per year, Pilato said. The biggest change will be in regards to which options are available at different prices. 

“What it does is increase what’s available at different price points. For example, those [two-person suites] in the Village cost more than a [four-person suite] because those are more desired. So if I am taking those out and adding fours in, that gives a cheaper option in the Village that doesn’t exist right now.”

Application to Alumniville and other housing options is currently open on the Student Life website. Pilato said students can watch a video and get information on the application process there. Further questions can be directed to him at or his office in Student Life below Dugan Hall.  

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