Big Changes for Campus Ministry at Canisius

Many new changes are in the works at Campus Ministry as Canisius welcomes new Jesuits and events.

Mike Hayes (left) and Kaitlyn Buehlmann (right) are leading big changes at Canisius' Campus Ministry office.

Mike Hayes, director of campus ministry, and Kaitlyn Buehlmann, campus minister for service-immersion experiences, are both passionate about their positions at Canisius and are always thinking of ways to engage students. Their endeavor has led to several changes in Campus Ministry at Canisius from new events, to additions to the staff and office changes. 

The two big new projects for Campus Ministry right now are the New Buffalo Institute and the brand new Magis retreat. 

“I’m excited to see the New Buffalo Institute up and running, and I’m excited to see how we’ll be able to collaborate with them and better engage with the community and collaborate on projects and initiatives. I’m excited to see what will come out of that collaboration,” Buehlmann said.

The Magis retreat is a new venture for Campus Ministry. There will be the usual events, such as Community Day, which is a Sesquicentennial event this semester, as well as Kairos and Manresea retreats that happen every semester. 

“It’s really about finding mentors and connecting students in relationships with faculty and staff in some way just to try to create some mentorship relationships,” Hayes said.

There will also be a speaker, the Rev. James Martin, S.J., that will speak via Zoom on Feb. 18 in Montante Cultural Center. Father Martin is often said to be one of the most famous Jesuits in the US and has written many books such as “The Jesuit Guide to Almost Everything” and “Building a Bridge.” 

Buehlmann said she is very excited for this event because Martin is a great speaker who is very engaging. This talk will be free and open to the public.

There are two Jesuit priests that will preach on campus, as well as help Campus Ministry to better serve the Buffalo community. The first of these Jesuits is the Rev. Adelmo Dunghe, S.J., who has worked part-time at Canisius in the past but will now be employed full-time. The second Jesuit is the Rev. Jack Mattimore, S.J., who is originally from Buffalo. 

Father Jack’s previous job was working as a prison chaplain at Rikers Island in New York City, said Hayes. He also served at St. Luke’s Mission of Mercy on Buffalo’s East Side after a stint as principal of Canisius High School from 1997-2002. 

The Campus Ministry offices have changed slightly to accommodate the new hires. For example, the Office of Mission and Identity has moved to Old Main from Horan O’Donnell to collaborate better with the Campus Ministry office. 

Both Buehlmann and Hayes would like to encourage students to talk to them with any questions or concerns that they have about Campus Ministry as well as talking with other students about their experiences with Campus Ministry through immersion trips, service sites, and retreats. 

Hayes said that they love to see new people at mass because it adds to the energy of the community and makes the service more fun for everyone involved. They would like to emphasize that all students are welcome and there are many ways to be involved in Campus Ministry that go beyond mass.

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