Griffashion Fashionata of the week: Steph Wetzel

Griffashion is back for our last installment of the semester! Check out this week’s edition to get to know journalism and economics major, Steph Wetzel.

Wetzel is rocking some trendy black army boots from SHEIN, a leopard-print top and a silver ring from Target, black skinny jeans from American Eagle, and an oversized jean jacket from TJ Maxx.

Steph Wetzel spent years in high school trying to follow the latest trends typical of many Buffalonians, full of colorful jackets from The North Face paired with fuzzy UGGs, but all thanks to a new surge of confidence she follows her own path when it comes to fashion.

By entering the scary world of college, Wetzel, finally figured out who she was and decided to cultivate her own look full of inspiration from the music she listens to and Pinterest accounts she follows. 

Her style she said tells a lot about her personality and the stars she likes from bands and musicians like The Maine, Bad Suns, Coin, Imagine Dragons, Panic! at The Disco and Halsey. Along with musicians, Youtuber Emma Chamberlain has inspired looks found in Wetzel’s closet because of her own unique style that shows she’s not afraid to stand out.

“I feel like the reason why I followed in other people’s footsteps was because I didn’t really know who I was, and I was still kind of figuring that out,” Wetzel said. “I know what I like to wear, I know what I think looks good on me, I know just what I like and I feel like…as I got older I really figured that out.”

The independence she found being a college student has allowed her to wear whatever she wants and she no longer has the pressures from high school hanging over her any longer.

Now a junior who studies economics and journalism, Wetzel said she tends to gravitate towards darker and neutral colors when she’s searching through the racks at her favorite stores such as H&M, Target or her go-to for fun graphic t-shirts: Zara.

Positively, Wetzel looks towards the future as she already has aspirations to inspire and become a role model for others. She hopes to one day become a financial advisor and freelance for publications.

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