New study abroad summer school program in Kenya for all majors

Applications for the brand new study abroad program in Kenya are now open for all majors. Students will learn about African history and culture during a five-week immersion in Limuru, Kenya.

(Photo by Dr. James Oigara/Canisius College)

Applications are currently open for a brand new global summer school program in Limuru, Kenya. All majors are encouraged to apply for this once in a lifetime opportunity to spend five weeks learning about and experiencing Kenyan culture. 

Participating students will take three courses while in Kenya, including The History of Africa, The Religions of Africa and Instruction in Swahili. Students will earn six credits for their work, which can be applied to all majors because of the core course component. In addition to the class work, the group is planning on a safari to Masai Mara, climbing Mt. Kenya, visiting the Kariandusi Prehistoric archaeological site, conversations with Kenyan health and economic leaders and more. 

Three Canisius professors will be attending the trip, two of whom will be teaching the courses. Nicolle Barsch, a graduate assistant study abroad advisor in the office of Study Abroad & Institute for Global Engagement, is helping advise students and professors in the preparation of the trip.

Barsch explained that this new program is unique in comparison to typical summer abroad programs that students might be used to. For one, it’s longer than other tips, and you will be taking more than one class. 

“It’s not just about the courses,” Barsch stated. “It’s also about the experience. You’re going on a safari, you’re going to visit all of these different historical sites in Africa, so I think It’s pretty applicable to most majors.”

This trip would work for almost any major, and anyone interested in African history and culture will find it interesting. It’s also a perfect opportunity for students who want to study abroad, but can’t go away for an entire semester, as well as someone who has already studied abroad and is looking for more ways to travel during college. 

The cost is all inclusive to cover room, board, flight, cultural experiences and transportation. There are need-based scholarships available for students who apply, which will be based on the student’s need and GPA. 

Applications are due Nov. 15, and you can start filling them out in Canisius Life under “Forms.” Space is limited to 15 students, and there will be interviews during the selection process. Students are encouraged to be specific in the short answers, and should try to share personal stories or anecdotes that show why they’re interested in the trip.

“My other recommendation would be to choose your references wisley,” Barsch added.

With everything the Global Summer School program in Limuru, Kenya has to offer, any Canisius student will find it worth-while. 

Barsch’s encourages everyone to take advantage of a study abroad opportunity because, “By having an international experience, in general, when you’re in college, it’s always a great thing to put on your resume, it’s a great talking point after you graduate and it’s a great way to network. This program in particular, you’re going to be talking to people who are in economics and in health in Kenya. The professors have connections, and the fact that you’re going with so many professors, the more connections you’ll make. I think that’s a neat aspect of it. And, obviously, studying abroad in general is a once in a lifetime experience.”

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