Mon Ami, A French Bakery in the Heart of Buffalo

Mon Ami is a local French bakery that serves traditional French items in addition to items with a Buffalo-twist. The bakery has no issue proving Buffalo is known for serving food that appeals to anyone.

When one thinks of a French Bakery, they probably think of flaky pastries, light and airy desserts, and refined delicacies made with the best ingredients. They probably think of small cafés in the heart of Paris, or swanky pastry shops newly opened in Manhattan. But when they think of a French Bakery, they probably don’t think of Buffalo, N.Y. Mon Ami, a French Bakery across from Cathedral Park in the heart of Downtown Buffalo, features a menu and atmosphere unique from almost anything else in the city. 

Mon Ami has great decor that is simultaneously modern and homey. It’s a feeling that’s made even better by the food and drinks. Everything at Mon Ami tastes and feels homemade. One can appreciate the refined French dishes for the skill it takes to make them, but Mon Ami ensures that the flavor isn’t just authentic but also familiar to the customers eating there, often done by remixing traditional dishes. The Buffalo Quiche is a great example of Mon Ami’s ability to blend classic French flavors and techniques with the food of Buffalo we all know and love. The Buffalo quiche is much like a regular quiche, but instead of standard ingredients like vegetables and bacon, it features Buffalo chicken, celery and blue cheese. The Buffalo Quiche is only one example of the great variety the restaurant offers. They also offer more traditional quiches. 

Mon Ami features an amazing Breakfast and Lunch menu, chock-full of breakfast staples like french toast and waffles, fresh and exciting salads, delicious soups and a fantastic selection of authentic French pastries. The croissants are perfectly light and flaky, and are the perfect accompaniment for any one of Mon Ami’s coffees or teas. The croissants are also featured in their sandwiches. They’re sliced down the middle and filled with a great variety of ingredients, but Mon Ami also offers sandwiches made with fantastic freshly baked bread. 

The diversity of the menu lends itself to so many different experiences one could have at Mon Ami. One could have a big breakfast just as easily as a quick lunch, or sit in with a cup of coffee and then come back later for a pastry to go. Customers could have a full-on authentic French meal or enjoy food that’s more familiar, but just as delicious. No matter how customers want to enjoy Mon Ami, they can, and they will. 

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