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The Griffin has started a second fashion column, this one revolving around sneakers. This week features David Held wearing a pair of Yeezy 500s in Utility Black, a sneaker perfectly suited from him since he’s also a big Kanye West fan.

Canisius senior fashions Kanye’s Yeezy 500’s in utility black.

David Held rocks a pair of Yeezy 500s

The next time you’re walking around campus, take a look down and pay close attention to all the shoes passing by. You’ll see some shoes that seem pretty ordinary, but every now and then, there’s a pair that catches your eye, and you’ll be dying to know what they are. 

Believe it or not, sneaker culture exists, and Canisius has a pretty vibrant one. Each week we’ll be featuring someone with awesome sneakers, showcasing them and their great taste in footwear. For our first week, we’re featuring senior biology major, David Held. You can see Held here outside of Health Science rocking the Yeezy 500s in Utility Black.                                           

Held was first introduced to Kanye’s music when he was six years old, and he’s been a massive fan since then. The clothes and shoes Kanye started making only added to Dave’s fandom. There’s not much from the Yeezy brand and from Kanye himself that Dave doesn’t like. “I’ll even vote for him in 2024,” Dave said with a chuckle. The 500s, and all other things Yeezy, highlight Dave’s style and even help him support one of his favorite artists.

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