Canisius Business management and Pre-Law student wins Canisius Entrepreneurs

Canisius Student participates in Canisius Entrepreneurs Organization “Shark Tank” competition winning first place to help build her own business.

Christina LaRussa stands proud after winning first place in the Canisius Entrepreneurs Organization shark tank competition.

Christina LaRussa took a chance by taking Entrepreneurship 402, a core capstone class for entrepreneurship majors, and found herself creating an app that would bring home $500 to give her a kickstart for her business. 

Canisius Entrepreneurs Organization (C.E.O.) holds a shark tank competition very similar to the one many watch on TV. The competition this year consisted of about 20 to 30 people. Competitors are given 90 seconds to pitch an idea. During the pitch they are expected to give the product, the market and the raise. The four judges make their decision based on their content and delivery of the product. All of the judges had no connection or affiliation to C.E.O.

LaRussa is a junior studying business management on a pre-law track and is planning to study abroad in the spring of 2020. Once she is done with her undergraduate degree she plans on going to law school. Her idea arose from the personal experience of discovering all the information needed to travel across the country. Information includes whether or not you need a visa, currency converters, different hotspots and more. All of this information will be put into an app accessible for everyone. 

“I was already doing all of the research on my own and I thought it would be amazing to have all of this information in one centralized location. All of the amenities would be super helpful and that was what did it for me,” LaRussa said. 

She plans on beginning to build the company by using the money she won from the competition. First, she has to finish her business plan. While she does this her idea is currently being patented. Her entrepenuriship class will help her keep track of her business plan. Once that process is over, she will look into research to figure out the pros and cons of the app. A big focus of LaRussa’s is making sure the information put into the app is factual with hands on research. From this point on she will build the app. 

“The sky’s the limit at this point. It’s so exciting. Being able to help other people makes this opportunity even more amazing,” LaRussa said.

LaRussa is involved in Undergraduate Student Association (USA) as a junior senator, Phi Sigma Sigma, Phi Alpha Delta and is also an orientation leader. She plans on continuing her original goal of going to law school and becoming a lawyer, as well as taking on the business.

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