Meet junior Sierra Boucher in this week’s installment of Griffashion as she discusses her passion for the environment and her love for thrifting.

Boucher poses in items from Second Chic that mesh well with a pair of black pants given to her as a gift.

Fashionista of the week: Sierra Boucher

With a curiosity for the natural world inspired by her grandfather, Sierra Boucher amasses insects for her collection as she hunts for thrifted pieces to tell her own story, while keeping her roots strong in her passion for the environment and fashion. 

Majoring in animal behavior, ecology and conservation (ABEC) and digital media arts (DMA), Boucher keeps herself busy as she works at Second Chic, studies in a research lab and presents scientific knowledge through her podcast, “Canisius Conversations Conservations.”

Boucher said she describes her style as “eclectic” and is inspired by her manager at Second Chic, who has shown her that the perfect outfit doesn’t have to be complicated. 

“It tells a story because I’ve, like, searched for all these pieces, like, you know, searched through Goodwill and searched through the bargain bins and searched high and low for different individual pieces,” the passionate and positive Boucher said. 

She said her style is based around searching for “interesting gems” in her favorite stores like Second Chic, Amvets, Savers and Unique located in her hometown in northern Virginia. By thrifting, she is able to tell a story through these pieces in a more environmentally friendly way compared to the fast fashion industry, she said. 

Currently, her favorite piece in her wardrobe is a corduroy button-up jacket from Second Chic that is featured in Griffashion’s photoshoot. She said this jacket is great for layering during the fall season.

Boucher finds empowerment and excitement through her clothing, such as her favorite corduroy jacket. She said she hides her body to allow her to interact with the world in a really personal way that lets others see her as a person, not just a body.

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