Dining Out For Life

Evergreen Health's main location (206 S. Elmwood Ave). Volunteering opportunities are available for those interested.

An annual event run by Evergreen Health

Evergreen Health’s mission is to provide medical and supportive services to individuals who may be living with chronic illness or who are underserved by the healthcare system. They hope that everyone in WNY can have affordable healthcare and can be taken care of in a judgement-free environment.

Last week, they hosted their annual event known as Dining Out For Life. Many restaurants around WNY participate in this event, in which a portion of their profits from that night are donated to Evergreen Health to help support men, women and children who are struggling with HIV/AIDS. Volunteers and workers were also assigned to each restaurant to encourage customers to donate more or to simply support the cause. The second picture shows the ambassadors (the volunteers and workers) from the event.

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