Third floor of Science Hall gets fresh look with Catholic Health

Catholic Health only occupies one-third of the space of the third floor of Science Hall; the space left over has been left due to damage from a leaky roof. (Tessa Pszonak/The Griffin)

Catholic Health revamped one-third of the space in Science Hall on the third floor under a three-year lease to utilize the space for work on an electronic patient medical records system, said President John Hurley. 

Catholic Health and Canisius began discussing these plans in January of 2019, and Uniland Development brought in contractors who started the renovations in March. President Hurley explained that the third floor of Science Hall has 20,000 square feet of space and one-third was used by Catholic Health. The space is designed to accommodate as many as 200 people, said President Hurley, which consists of a combination of Catholic Health and Epic employees part of this software programming team. 

The rest of the space not occupied by Catholic Health is empty, and has suffered some damage, which is seen in the torn up carpet and stains from the leaking roof.

“We had part of the construction responsibilities, but they had the complete responsibility for everything within the space,” President Hurley said.

When Blue Cross Blue Shield moved out, the space was unoccupied and left empty, said President Hurley. The space left on the third floor was an open space plan with a few offices and kitchen area.

Employees from Catholic Health oversee the facility, such as Mike Galang, the Chief Information Officer, as well as a Canisius graduate, Nicolette Thompson, the project manager who runs the operations from day-to-day.

Director of Facilities Tom Ciminelli worked closely with Catholic Health on the design space for them to ensure the construction responsibilities were taken care of. Currently, Ciminelli is still working with Catholic Health for day-to-day maintenance. In addition, Vice President of Business and Finance Marco Benedetti worked alongside Catholic Health to ensure that the space would be ready.

The renovations were not complex and were completed in the middle of July, said President Hurley. The roof of Science Hall was fixed because the common area of Science Hall dealt with some damage. After the construction on the roof was completed, two thirds of the roof ended up being replaced.

In addition, the electrical systems were tied up to the current system in Science Hall, and the elevator near the common area had to be reactivated. Bathrooms were also installed, which connect to other systems in the building.

Currently, a couple of interns are working alongside Catholic Health from the MBA data analytics program. The director of this program, Dr. David Sheets, is looking for new ways to connect students from the undergraduate programs to complete internships with them.

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