Senate notes: Sept. 3, Sept. 10

This week in Senate: Junior and Senior Senators were appointed, Public Safety, and general student concerns were addressed. Read below to find out more!

Senate executive board is pictured after the meeting on September 10 in Regis, where Senate members approved to pass the marketing board amendment. (Jenna French/The Griffin)

This week in Senate it was announced that Bishop Malone will not be present at the 150th Mass of the Holy Spirit, which was discussed during Senate’s open discussion last week and was confirmed by the Director of Campus Ministry Mike Hayes. 

Executive reports consisted of an announcement from the Executive Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations Emilee Smardz who said she will start keeping Senate minutes. 

Next on the agenda was new business where Kieran Sommer was the only candidate for Senior Senator and was approved. Sommer said he hopes to work with the Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students Dan Dentino.

Four students approached Senate for the open position of Junior Senator. Transfer student Patrick Eugeni was appointed to the position. Eugeni said he is passionate about service and promoting service projects.

Other candidates for this position included Matt Fortney, a Junior biology major, who said he wanted to be part of Senate to be more involved at Canisius. Fortney is currently an RA of Frisch Three and wants to promote student engagement.

Another candidate, Autumn Finch, who studies political science and international relations. Finch is part of the ROTC program. She said that she wanted to be senator last year, but studied abroad in China. Finch, if appointed, plans to collaborate more with Buffalo Non-Governmental Organizations.

Candidate Zachary Gillion said he has recognized the improvements that need to be made on campus. Gillion said, “being a wallflower, as it were, I’ve learned a lot about our Canisius community.”

Vice President of Marketing and Finance James Garvey reviewed appeals with Senate. The Canisius Zoological Society appealed for the finances for gas for their personal vehicles during their upcoming trip, said Garvey. Senate is hoping to approve this appeal but are just waiting for Student Life’s approval.

Mock Trial appealed for funds for a regional competition that will lead to a national competition, said Garvey. These funds are needed to put down payment for this competition. Senator Ryan Boorum motioned to approve the appeal, which was accepted by Senate.  

September 10

This week in Senate the marketing board amendment was approved and the new marketing style guide for the Undergraduate Student Association (USA) was discussed.

Smardz covered these new implementations for USA during the Senate’s portion of new business. The marketing style guide addresses how to advertise events, use social media, when to use logos properly, and specific poster guidelines for USA, said Smardz. The style guide applies to USA specifically, and will make their publications more unified in voice and visual appearance. 

The amendment will create a new board as well as a position for a chair of the board. The board will be chaired by the Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations and consist of representatives who volunteer from student organizations to join the board that will not be required for clubs on campus, according to the document. The document also states that a meeting will be held once a month in person and online as well. The amendment document states that the board will ensure the promotion and evolution of marketing on campus, as well as keeping the calendar updated.

Senator Victoria Fish covered student interests that touched upon a variety of student concerns. A major point of discussion for Fish was student concerns with the parking garage that included  general safety and the parking lines, said Fish. She said she is considering making flyers with safety tips for the campus community. Another topic covered was the many concerns regarding the shuttle bus. According to Fish, the concerns were about the shuttle times, for students who travel late at night or from Delavan Townhouses. Fish is attempting to alternate drivers during late hours and to possibly have a route starting and stopping at Delevan. 

Public Safety representative Senator Michael Berg said he is planning to meet with Director of Public Safety Kimberly Beaty to express many concerns. Berg said he will discuss the shootings that have been occurring recently and the students who have been followed to the parking garage. He said he is still waiting to hear from Chief Beaty to discuss these concerns.

Senate came to a close with a structured discussion and open discussion that mainly pertained to the new marketing style guide and marketing board amendment. 

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