Local Buffalonian fights human trafficking through selling jewelry

Miranda Dube was greatly influenced by a mission trip she went on in 2017. She now makes jewelry in support of women who have gone through human trafficking.

Creator of Dubes Jewelry, Miranda Dube, smiling through first year success.

Miranda Dube sells jewelry in support of women who have struggled with human trafficking

Dubes Jewelry is an online jewelry company run by Miranda Dube based out of Buffalo. It gives 100 percent of their proceeds to FIGHT Ministries, a team who rescues and rehabilitate women from human trafficking in the Dominican Republic. Dube is a Fredonia College 2015 graduate with a degree in music education. She currently works as a music teacher in Lockport, and does Dubes Jewelry as a side hobby.

During her time in the Dominican Republic, she was faced with heartbreaking stories of girls, starting at the age of six, who were involved in human trafficking. Many young girls in the Dominican Republic are viewed as objects. These stories are what pushed Dubes to make a difference.

“Once I heard about and saw the evils of human trafficking first-hand, and how common it was everywhere, especially the U.S., I couldn’t un-see it,” Dube said. “I couldn’t just go back home and do nothing. These are real people with faces and names, and people are selling them and abusing them like they are objects, it makes me sick to my stomach.” 

Because Dubes couldn’t open her own restoration home in Buffalo, she had the next best idea. Being heavily involved with Vintage, a group of 300 college-aged students at The Chapel in Getzville, and being on their worship team led her to participate in a yearly fundraiser.

The idea of making jewelry for FIGHT Ministries came to her during this fundraiser, where she made bracelets. She made over $700 at this event and was amazed at the response individuals had. Since then, Dube’s business has gone from $10 to $10,000, without any setbacks.

“It took off immediately. People came to me which blew my mind. That’s how I knew it was God’s favor and blessing over this business, and not anything I was doing in my own strength,” Dube said. “I literally had people from other states contacting me to make them Bracelets for Conferences and things similar to that.”

Dube spends about 15 to 20 hours a week making jewelry, filling orders and prepping for pop-up events. Many of the pop-up events she attends are different vendor sales to sell her merchandise. She makes earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

Recently Spectrum News had a segment about Dubes Jewelry to bring attention to both her buisness and awareness to human trafficking. As her business continues to grow, Dube wants to continue to send 100 percent of her profits to FIGHT Ministries and bring attention to the human trafficking issue.

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