Meet the editors: Francesca McKernon

Francesca McKernon is a junior triple-majoring in psychology, English and creative writing. She also enjoys reading, writing poetry and novels, alternative music and bitmojis.

McKernon studied abroad in the fall semester of 2018 in Antwerp, Belgium. She spent her time in Europe visiting various countries like Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal and England. “London was probably my favorite because I got to visit the Globe.” She also comments that as a generality, “The food in Europe is incredible.”

McKernon joined The Griffin in her sophomore year and became the Assistant Opinion Editor her junior year and will be the Opinion Editor next year. She enjoys writing in her free time and found The Griffin to be a great place to expand her writing.

“I didn’t originally think of myself as a news writer,” she said. “My writing skills are definitely better. If you look at my sophomore year, I was writing Buzzfeed articles, but since then I’ve developed a more editorial style, something more professional.”

McKernon comments on how participating in the paper improved her awareness of the things happening on the Canisius campus. “Working on it really gives you a look at the inner workings,” she said.

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