USA President and VP discuss goals for the year to come

Sarah Sterzinger

Griffin Reporter

With a new academic year, a new era of Senate is ushered in. Seniors Amelia Greenan and Katie Parker lead the pack as President and Vice President, respectively, for the 2017-2018 year.  As with all Senate leaders of the past, these two have their own goals to lead the Undergraduate Student Association down the right path.  Both Greenan and Parker have their missions and goals for this year set.

Parker hopes to focus her energy on sexual assault awareness. She’s hoping to use her seat in Senate to hold more events with the Sexual Violence Prevention Team.

“Last year we were able to hone in on Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April, mostly through one of our larger events, Take Back the Night,” Parker said. “But this year I’d like to have more programming throughout both semesters.”

She’s hoping that these events inspire both education of what define sexual violence and meaningful conversation amongst Canisius students.

Greenan’s year-long goal compliments Parker’s. Greenan is focusing on supporting any current or future parent Griffs. Her project movement is called the Pregnant on Campus Initiative. Greenan explained that this initiative would provide services to students with children who may currently feel like they have no choice but to drop out.

“This would include the exploration of projects like available housing for single mothers and families, as well as daycare options so those students, both prospective and current, can begin, continue, or finish their education at Canisius College,” said Greenan.

Along with the major movement on this project, Greenan will be continuing the progression of solutions for issues around “justice, race relations and diversity, inclusion of international students, campus sustainability, public health and wellness, campus safety, and student services.” She is confident that through various projects being completely by Senate’s respective committee chairs, many of these goals will improve throughout the year.

Both the President and VP are looking forward to the upcoming year.

“I am really very optimistic and excited for this coming year,” stated Greenan. “There are so many great ideas on the table and even more to come. I am honored and privileged to work with such a hardworking, supportive group of people for a student body and school that I care deeply about.”

“We have a good group in USA. I think everyone is creative and genuinely dedicated to doing the best job for all of the undergrads at Canisius,” claimed Parker.

Parker also commented that she is a chair for the people, as all members of Senate should be.

“As EVP, I’ve done my best to make it clear to everyone else on USA that it’s critical to remember that we are representatives, and that means considering the entire student body (or a Senator’s entire class) when setting our goals or casting a vote,” she said.

This will continue to be a Senate for everyone.

USA hold their meetings on Tuesdays at 7p.m. in Regis North above the Student Center. They discuss the progress of some of the projects mentioned earlier and discuss student concerns. If you have any questions or concerns to bring to them, they can be reached at


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