Editorial: The end of semester stretch: Giving to Canisius and to others

Tonight, Colleges against Cancer will host its 10th annual Relay for Life in the Koessler Athletic Center. As of this writing, the cause has already raised $9,054.04, with more to be raised at the event itself. There are 43 teams registered, and, unsurprisingly, CAC’s own team leads the charge with over a $1,000 donated to the American Cancer Society.

According to its website, Relay for Life began in 1985 when a member of the American Cancer Society first took to a track for 24 hours, raising $27, 000 over the course of the event. The following year, over 300 others joined in, and since then, the American Cancer Society has amassed over $55 million in donations to cancer research.

Canisius’ Colleges against Cancer is a student organization that brings the event to our campus, though they do a number of events throughout the year. This year, they’ve teamed up with Athletics for support of the cause. Additionally, they’ve hosted events such as the Great American Smokeout, bringing awareness to lung cancer, its victims, and its survivors. Further, they’ve also hosted the annual Pink Party, giving away coupons for Iggy’s as a means of fighting breast cancer and educating those on the subject.

With tonight looming ahead, this paper believes that the organization deserves a round of applause of all of its efforts to fight cancer by providing support for research for a cure. They’ve gone out of their way to reach out to different clubs on campus and have worked tirelessly with their efforts to bring together the Canisius community, tactfully asking for donations while still urging the importance of doing so.

Speaking of, fundraising is well underway at Canisius this spring. The Mr. Canisius pageant focused on in the Features section of this sad rag last week detailed to which charity each of the funds raised would be donated depending on who won. With Jacob Ducoli ‘18 taking the crown, half of the money will go to the Western New York Veterans Housing Coalition. The other half will be given to Campus Ministry’s service-immersion trips. Ducoli himself will be traveling with the department to Jamaica this spring. For the last several months, students have been seen around campus with their box of chocolates, trying to sell in order to get money for their own respective trips as well. Even the RAISE Benefit in early March was dedicated to the endeavor. This paper respects the dedication to service that is seen at this institution, understanding the struggle of trying to get funds together to go and service others less fortunate. Campus Ministry itself does a wonderful job of providing support to students as they work to garner enough financial support, providing templates for letters of introduction that ask for donation, coordinating the Niagara Chocolate sales, and the RAISE Benefit itself.

Further, Canisius College’s Facebook page just published a video centered on Giving Day 2016, taking place on April 27. The campaign is focused on encouraging all members of the Canisius College community, from alumni to current students, to give back to Canisius in any form that they can. It’s not necessarily about the amount of money being given to the College but rather the number of those who take part, building a community dedicated to giving back to what made you what you are today. While all may not necessarily agree that this is a campaign for current students, it is certainly one that appeals to a sense of giving back.

Canisius has always encouraged its students to not only take opportunities but also to create them for others, and it seems that this time of year focuses on leading students to take opportunities to give back. We’ve always been an institution dedicated to service to others and social justice for all. It’s part of what comes with being a Jesuit institution. It has always been encouraged that other events do not overlap with Relay for Life, even though that inevitably happens. Mr. Canisius is a time-honoured tradition, and the decision for all proceeds to go to a good cause is one lauded by all those involved and all of those supporting the pageant. The service-immersion program is a paramount to the execution of our Jesuit mission, and so sending students is twofold in its good will. One, it allows others to give financially to a good cause in sending students, and two, they allow students to give to others through their service. Giving Day is an attempt to give back to our community; that’s for certain. It wants to encourage an environment in which all feel bound to give back to Canisius, regardless of age.

We live in an environment of giving. That’s the sort of community that Canisius has built already, and it continues to build everyday. Even when we think that we have run dry financially, we’re still working to give to others, and during this time of year, that’s half the reason that students seem to have hit a wall, with all that there is for us on top of schoolwork. This paper would like to encourage everyone to keep going, to push through in these last few weeks, continuing to give.

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